Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Airsoft Toy Gun Dangers

A popular toy gun catches attention from law enforcement agencies. That's because it looks almost identical to a real gun. Here's more. One of these is the toy gun, the other is a real one. Police officers say they cannot tell the difference. A big concern is if a suspect pulls one out and points it at you, you won't know if the gun is real or not. And that's why officers are so worried about the so called Airsoft gun. The toys are popular with teens mainly because they look like the real thing, from revolvers to military assault rifles. To avoid confusion, the guns makers paint the tip orange but many teens paint it black again.

Lt. Paul Shastany of the Framingham police says, "If there is an orange tip, leave it as an orange tip. If they are going to try to modify this to increase its velocity, don't do that. Leave it alone."

The toy guns fire tiny pellets meant to sting but not injure. Still, officers say kids are getting hurt, even blinded because they aren't protecting themselves.

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