Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New paintball, airsoft fields open near Findlay

An up-and-rising new sport, as well as an old one, now has a huge facility in the area. Just opened on May 21, Battle Creek Park offers air soft and paintball enthusiasts a huge area in which to participate in their sport. The Park is open every Saturday, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., and Sunday, from noon - 5 p.m. The largest airsoft and paintball field in the state, the site encompasses 50 acres, mostly wooded area. It has nine different playing fields, two of which will be used at a time.“We have a lot of room. The smallest field is under one acre and the largest is seven acres," said Derek Pearcy, facility owner. "We can hold 200 people there easily in a day," he explained. "There are just that many people in the area who play. We have no limit on the amount of team which can play here."The site offers food and drink, and has restroom facilities available.While at the site, participants must use field ammunition, due to insurance reasons. But, according to Pearcy, the ammunition is not any more expensive than what players would purchase elsewhere. Battle Creek will also have rental guns and CO2 cartridges available for players also.The facility can accommodate private party reservations by appointment for 14 or more people. The site can be reserved for a weekday for these numbers. The minimum participation age is 12 on paintball and 16 on airsoft. Individuals are also welcome to come out and play and will be incorporated into a team playing at the facility. "We do have three referees currently working. They start and stop the games and handle any official decisions to be made in the course of play," Pearcy said.He continued that the most the facility will have is two games at a time, one of each airsoft and paintball at a time. They will rotate around to each of the fields.Eventually, once business increases, league play could be offered, as well as tournaments, Pearcy said.“One of things we might think of doing is scenario events,” Pearcy explained. "We will give them different missions and scenarios, with objectives to accomplish, reaching certain points or to find items. These can be a one- or two-day event."“I highly recommend camouflage, and boots for better ankle support. It's a great form of exercise,” Pearcy explained.The field has space for camping for those wanting to do a two-day event, but Pearcy said he would have to check with his insurance company about camping facilities. He mentioned he has a special rate worked out with the Shelby Historic Inn for overnight players.For additional information about the facility, interested persons are invited to go to its website, Directions to the facility are on the website.The field is four miles north of Findlay. Field fee is $15 per person to get in and field glasses are required.


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