Saturday, December 11, 2004

Yet even more airsoft information to handle

Huh.. i'm looking over my blog and it seems to have too much information in an unorganized manner. i should organize it somehow. don't know how. i've seen some other bloggers pages now. seems like they're all just as disorganized. A couple that I've seen are (this guy is clueless), (likes airsoft too), (he has some cool pictures, almost like consumptionjunction), (this guy has lots of time), (cool pictures).

Anyway, i'll figure out what I need to do to have this more organized. too bad I can't create pages like on geocities or something like that.


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  2. Thats ok if it is unorganized. You still have some great articles to read. I've really enjoyed your articles.

    It would still be great if you could organize it some. :)